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Client testimonials

A gifted practitioner…

I have been having chiropractic sessions with Zina for more than two years now. In that time, through Zina’s caring and knowledgeable practice, I have gained enormous benefit, both emotionally and physically.

I am so glad I found out about Zina’s clinics. I come away from each session feeling much more relaxed and confident. As regards the long-term frozen shoulder, the tension in my neck and shoulders feels released and she has taught me exercise to do between sessions if it builds up again.

I would recommend Zina’s treatments to anyone because she is a gifted practitioner who has an amazingly insightful and gentle way of improving flexibility and rectifying physical problems.

Katie G


Free spine check…

Some months ago I had a bad back and friend suggested a visit to Zina who was offering free spine checks at the time. The friend, who goes regularly to Zina, said: “She will help if she can and if she can’t, she will tell you.”

Zina explained the cause of my pain – I had been hauling pots in the garden – but said there was nothing wrong with my spine that would require any further treatment. The visit cost me nothing and Zina was very thorough, kind and helpful.

Jo C


A very skilled chiropractor…

I have had a back problem for many years. Before I went to Zina, I was visiting an osteopath every six weeks. Now I still need to go to Zina, but at intervals now of several months – my last visit was seven months since the one before.

Zina does not provide an instant cure, but the treatment really works over time – my back is better now than it has been for some 15 or 20 years.

In my opinion, Zina is a very skilled chiropractor and the method she uses certainly works better than anything I have experienced before. I regularly recommend her to friends with similar problems.

Hilary H


A pleasant and competent professional…

I was visiting England from Canada and, after lugging a massive suitcase through Heathrow and the Underground, my back was in agony.

I was referred to Zina who gave me an appointment within one day and fixed my back so I could walk without pain. What impressed me, apart from her skill, was her willingness to devote time to a patient who would be unlikely to return. Zina is a very pleasant and competent professional.

Robert H


How to help yourself too…

Part of Zina’s skill, I think, is that she is not only a good diagnostician and chiropractor (as good as any physiotherapist I have ever had), but she shows you how to help yourself, too. And it works!

Lucy B


Now almost pain-free…

I have had a serious back problem since 1985. Before I went to Zina I was in pain 90% of the time. Now I go to her regularly, my pain is considerably reduced and, on a good day, I am almost pain-free.

The treatment and the advice she has given me over the time I have been going to her have helped enormously, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. The method Zina uses in obviously very successful but, in my view, Zina has a gift which goes well beyond her formal training.

Jane C


A life transformed…

What impresses me most about Zina is her uncanny ability to diagnose exactly what is wrong – and then her determined commitment to putting it right if she possibly can – and telling you if she can’t.

My life has been transformed in the past few years – and I’m in my 80s with a history of back trouble on and off since my 20s. No back pain for me now!



Life is fun again…

Osteopaths, chiropractors, physiotherapists; I had tried them all since a serious back injury in my teens began to make itself felt by my 20s. All tried and failed to improve the chronic pain which, after four children, was becoming ever more disabling by my 40s.

The McTimoney chiropractic technique itself was a revelation, beginning a slow and steady improvement. Zina, as its practitioner, is truly exceptional. Her all-round skill is second to none, and her gentle humour and understanding make each treatment a real pleasure.

Now in my 70s, I climb, walk and cycle, and am largely pain-free, Life is fun again – thank you, Zina!

Jenni J

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