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Our Coronavirus

and Infection Control Policy

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For the safety and protection of all our patients and members of staff at the Medical Centre.

  • We are keeping up daily with the guidance issued by Public Health England (PHE) regarding Covid-19. This government site advises us on infection control measures, and how to protect the public and ourselves during the outbreak of coronavirus.

  • At the Village Medical Centre, there is a strict rule of remotely triaging patients before they are booked in for GP or practitioner services. 

  • All practitioners wear a mask, disposable apron and gloves when dealing face-to face with patients which are changed after each patient contact. 

  • There are hand sanitisers in the reception area and in the treatment rooms for anyone to use.

  • The treatment room and all contact surfaces are cleaned and disinfected between each appointment.

  • Patients will be required to sanitise hands on entry to the building and will have their temperature taken.

  • You are required to wear a mask upon entry to the building and keep it on during your consultation.

  • All clinical and non-clinical staff on site are practicing maximum infection control procedures regarding hand washing and any physical contact.

  • A remote triage, risk-assessment and consent will be undertaken in all cases prior to face-to-face contact. 

  • Only one to one care will be provided. Chaperones will have to undergo the same triage and risk assessment as patients attending an appointment.

  • An adequate gap will be maintained between appointment times to avoid patients coming into contact with one another, and to allow for disposable PPE change and disinfection of all surfaces.

  • All patients are requested to arrive on time for their appointment and no earlier than 5 minutes before. We are having to adhere to strict timing so if you arrive 10 minutes late, your appointment will regrettably be cancelled and you will not be able to enter the building. You will be invoiced for the non-attendance fee of £25. 

  • Post Covid-19 lockdown, The Village Chiro Clinic will be open from the beginning of July 2020 and will remain open unless notified by the government or we are made aware of any increased risk.

In the meantime, we ask the following of all our patients:

  1. If you have flu-like symptoms, persistent cough and/ or fever please do not come to the clinic.

  2. If you have recently lost your sense of smell or taste, please do not come to the clinic.

  3. If you have been in contact with anyone who has confirmed COVID-19 or you suspect they have it, please do not come to the clinic.

  4. If you have symptoms of coronavirus infection (COVID-19), however mild, stay at home and do not leave your house for 10 days from when your symptoms started and call 111 or visit the 111 online site for more information.

If you need to cancel your appointment as a result of the above, we will waive any cancellation fee and organise another appointment for you when you are no longer at risk of passing on infection.

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